Essay on The Hearing Of The Court Room

Essay on The Hearing Of The Court Room

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To begin with, as I entered the court room I observed seven long rows of benches, a table at the front with chairs, the judge’s bench and two televisions beside it and a substantial table in front of the judge with microphones. Also, I detected matters which I wasn’t aware of, such as a sheriff being there, sitting at a table with a computer and telephone, and beside the sheriff a small room that was transparent containing a mic instead. After the judge’s arrival, the hearings began, the lawyer for the first case was not present therefore, the Crown inquired the sheriff regarding what to do. At this moment I was surprised as I wasn’t familiar with the Crown discussing issues with the sheriff. The sheriff affirmed that the subsequent case be called up, however at that moment the lawyer had made an entrance and the judge allowed the lawyer to commence the hearing. This startled me as well since I anticipated lawyers being late as unacceptable. As it was my first time visiting the court, I began to realize that the court proceedings were dissimilar to what I had assumed it to be.


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