Healthy Eating Habits: Organic Vegan Diet Essay

Healthy Eating Habits: Organic Vegan Diet Essay

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Healthy eating goes hand in hand with physical and mental health, and a purely raw organic vegan diet proves to be the best for everyone's health, study after study. A purely raw organic vegan diet may seem incredibly radical to some, but with it's most important pieces of information, such as animal products, environmental impact, genetically modified foods, pesticides, and cooking toxicity/nutrition loss. With a bit of science, this unnecessarily controversial issue and be well resolved.
Animal products, such a dairy, eggs, and especially meat are staples here in America(“A Nation”). Most of us eat at least one of these every day. Most of us have grown up with them as household names and have been taught that for good health they are not only necessary but required for consumption. Dairy is well-known for being full of calcium, eggs for being full of animal protein, and meat for having high animal protein content. Dairy is of course full of calcium and animal protein, but also great at acidifying the body ("Debunking"). Our ability to absorb the calcium in cow's milk is incredibly low and this acidifying quality of all animal protein is where the drink-milk-for-calcium myth comes in. See, calcium is an excellent acid-neutralizer and our bodies store calcium primarily in the bones. This means that when we consume milk or any other animal protein for that matter our body becomes acidic and our bodies counteract this by taking out calcium from our bones for neutralization. Once the calcium is taken out of the bones, it is urinated out. Consuming dairy, or any other animal protein depletes our bodies of calcium and makes them much more susceptible to fracture. Countries with the lowest consumption of dairy products, such...

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...using the food to become “empty” calories that only fill you up for a short while and leaving the body deprived of vitamins and other nutrients ("Details"). There are countless article such as the one I used in the paragraph that support the same information ("Zenhabits").
To conclude, the information from this essay may be quite difficult for the average person to accept. For most people, it seems foreign to even consider not eating cooked food ever. Although, it is important to remember that the most successful way to make a transition towards a completely raw organic vegan diet is with forgiveness and time. It is better for us and the planet to bring organic raw plant foods into our lives slowly and with understanding that it’s OK to indulge every once in a while. It is even said that the most successful raw organic vegans do indulge every once in a while.

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