The Health Issue Of Binge Drinking Essay

The Health Issue Of Binge Drinking Essay

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Health communication is an important factor that affects everyone in their daily lives. It gives an understanding of different means of intricate communications in relation to health promotion and prevention. For our health communication campaign intervention, we will be focusing on the health issue of binge drinking amongst our targeted population-- college students. This topic is important because college students are constantly exposed to their peers participating in binge drinking activities.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2016), binge drinking can be defined as having multiple drinks within a short period of time. For women, this is classified as having four or more drinks within a two hour time frame, and for men it is classified as having five or more drinks within a two hour time frame. In today’s college society this is just a small amount of alcohol that many college students consume in comparison to how many drinks the average college student actually consumes. While there are many college students who are age 21 or older that participate in binge drinking, there is still a high percentage of students who consume alcoholic beverages that are under the legal age. Statistics show that about 90% of the alcohol consumed by people under the age of 21 in the United States is consumed in the form of binge drinking (CDC, 2016). Unfortunately, 70-90% of college students consume alcohol, while 25-50% of them engage in heavy episodic consumption (Tomaka, Morales-Monks & Shamaley, 2010).
There was a study done in 1995 which examined the association of college students and binge drinking. The study found that not only was age and gender related to binge drinking and the amounts of alcohol each gender ...

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...ition, it helps identify barriers for educators so that they may design programs that will be beneficial for the participants and address inaccurate beliefs and non-adaptive attitudes (Henshaw & Freedman-Doan, 2009; Janz et al., 2002). The model assists individuals in learning new ways to engage in preventative health behaviors when they perceive that their personal susceptibility is high, perceive the problem to be serious, to view the benefit for adopting a new preventive behavior, and see fewer difficulties in adopting the preventive behavior (Iverson, 1978). Another construct is cues to action, which reminds individuals of their personal susceptibility through experiences (Henshaw & Freedman-Doan, 2009). The last construct is self-efficacy and measures the individual’s capacity for which they can accomplish a specific action (Rosenstock, Strecher, & Becker, 1988).

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