Analysis Of The Battle Of The Binge By Jack Hitt

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In reading the story, The Battle of the Binge by Jack Hitt, I felt as if there was somethings that were still true today. As I read this story and tried to understand his point of view I stated to see that there were many truths to his reading and also a few things that I would have to say are not true with the reading. In this Paper I will try to see his point of view and also share my point of view on binge drinking. I will show that there are many reasons that people decide to binge drink and that sometimes it is an emotional response that one chooses to make that has life changing outcomes. In the end people are just trying to cope with the stresses of life and school. Jack Hitt talks about how when he was attending college that he would …show more content…

Dinking is legal and becoming an alcoholic is nothing that anyone wishes to become but there are many reasons as to why they become alcoholics and this is where the problem lies. The whys are what we need to be trying to understand not the hows. Alcohol is everywhere and if one wants to drink, they will find a way and college kids are just the same they are getting a taste of the adult life as they venture off to college and are forced to make choices that will shape the rest of their lives in good and bad ways. What they still need is guidance, guidance to make the right decisions, even in the face of trying to conform to the groups that they think they want to be a part of. To sum up my response to this reading I would have to conclude that Jack Hitt is correct that binge drinking is still very alive and well on college campuses, and still presents a very valid point that it should be stopped. Where I don’t agree with the reading is that people will continue to binge no matter what. People are smart in many ways and if you show them potential outcomes that drinking can lead them to then they are less likely to continue down this downward spiral that could have life lasting effects on the rest of their lives and even there love ones

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