Health Benefits Of Herbal Medicines Essay

Health Benefits Of Herbal Medicines Essay

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Health claims are booming in today’s world. Many of these consumers are being misled by advertising and believe that their choice will benefit their health. Although herbal medicines have been in existence throughout human evolution, I have chosen to take a deeper look into these health practices. I’m curious if this is just another health claim or if there are actual benefits to taking these medicines.
Herbal medicines are sold in different ways from tablets, teas, extracts, capsules, powders, and fresh or dried plants. Many consumers believe that these products are safe and free of harm due to the labeling of the product with words such as “all natural.” The downside of taking these “natural” medicines are some ingredients can cause harm to a consumer’s health. According to the U.S .National Library of Medicine, some herbs, such as comfrey and ephedra, can cause serious harm. It is also reported that herbal medicines can have bad interactions with prescription drugs, food, and alcohol. These herbal medicines are reviewed by FDA but not as drugs or foods; instead they are reviewed as dietary supplements. This gives power to these herbal medicine manufactures because they do not need approval from the FDA before putting their product on the market. These companies are also able to claim their products will improve a nutrient deficiency, support health, or are linked to bodily functions.
It was reported that in the year of 2000, the market of herbal medicines rapidly grew to a $4 billion dollar industry. Consumers are buying these herbal medicines for multiple reasons from ineffectiveness of their current medical treatments, expensive healthcare and prescription drugs, and unwanted side effects of prescription drugs. These her...

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...o not so it’s best to keep track of these herbal medicines being consumed. People should take extra precautions taking herbal medicines that are manufactured outside of the United States, particularly from Mexico, India, or China. The last tip I found from the Mayo Clinic, is that consumers should always read up on alerts or advisories the FDA has listed for adverse effects.
In conclusion, herbal medicines have been around for a long time. Plenty of our drugs have ingredients from herbs and are still being used today. I would not recommend the use of herbal medicines due to complications it can have on the body unless the physician suggested the product. The more I read up on these herbal medicines the more precautions I came across. I believe these herbal medicines should be reviewed as a drug under the FDA to avoid any health complications for these consumers.

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