Essay on Health and Nutrition Effects on Cognition

Essay on Health and Nutrition Effects on Cognition

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Health and Nutrition Effects on Cognition
There have been many questions out in the world of people wondering if exercise can truly help live a better life. People perceive exercise, nutrition, and drugs as something that changes the body, but most do not understand what changes occur. In this paper there will be information provided in order for people to understand how exercise, nutrition, and drugs can affect the body.
Increased/Decreased Cognition While in the Womb. There have been many studies conducted over the years based on how exercising, nutrition, drug and alcohol can affect an unborn child. Based on a result of a Canadian research by the University of Montreal, babies who are born from more active mothers tend to develop their brain faster(Kirkey ,2013,). First the study was conducted on rats and shortly after on a group of pregnant women. Now according to Kirkey’s(2013) article the study of humans was conducted on 18 women in their second trimester which were separated into an exercise group and a sedentary group. Out of 18, 10 women were selected to be part of an exercise program which conducted of 20 minutes of exercise three times a week at a moderate intensity. The women had a few things in common, those being their economic status, the amount of exercise and the way they ate(Kirkey ,2013,). This study kept going on until the babies were born and later tested. Between 8 to 12 days after the babies were born, the researchers put an electrode cap on them in order to monitor the activities of neurons related to memory. Ellemberg said. “The brain response corresponded to that of babies of six to eight months of age”(Kirkey, 2013, p.1). The food the mothers eat play an important role in the development of the child’...

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Kirkey, S.(2013). Exercise during pregnancy boosts a newborn baby’s brain capacity for life: University of Montreal study. National Post.
Malnutrition Effects(2013). Malnutrition has devastating effect on child's learning potential. The information daily.
Matta, C. (2012). Can Exercise Make You Smarter? Psych Central.
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