Essay on The Hartford Educational System Has Been Failing Minorities

Essay on The Hartford Educational System Has Been Failing Minorities

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The Hartford educational system has been failing minorities, causing cases like Sheff v. O’Neill to exist. The Hartford school district needs to be reformed in order to end this de facto segregation. The Court has already taken some measures, but it is still not enough to change the current state of affairs. This is further exacerbated by the ideological divide that all levels of the courts and beyond that, a divide that all the citizens in this nation, let alone Connecticut, suffer from. My goal is to present to you the case to help understand the issues and the case at hand, showing the evidence and the arguments of the plaintiffs, defendants, and that of the lower Court. I will also help show the decisions among the Justices, where their ideological line stands mixed in with their arguments. It is also important to look at other policies and understand why they may succeed, or as with the current, why they have failed. Finally I will propose my own policy, perhaps taking parts of others, but understanding and trying to explain how this can aid the needs in a more detailed than the other policies. The hope is through this memo, Governor Rowland, that you can aid greatly in enacting the policies that shape and change the broken system in Hartford.
The Case:
The case begins with a Mr. Milo Sheff, an African-American, at Annie Fisher Elementary school in 1989. Mr. Sheff’s and other African-American, caucasian, and Latino parents from schools around the Hartford district suing the state over decades of educational policies that allowed families to move their children around freely. The issue arises when, proportionally, there are more minorities in poverty than whites, causing an inability to move to these other sc...

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...axes than low income families left thus losing money in the local pool. The state, due to Article 8, Section 4 of the Connecticut Constitution, declaring that there should be an equal benefit from the school fund. So, when people abandon the school, they most their funds to another school, becoming unequal in this funding. It is as if, referring back to company metaphor, that one or two car manufacturers disallows the rest to purchase quality goods, and then sell their cars for a generally unobtainable amount. While this happens the other manufacturers cars are unsafe and unreliable to the point that they are utterly ineffective to serve the basic purpose of an automobile. The same is occurring with these schools, when all the high income students leave for the suburbs, there is no funding left, making this school ineffective and by extension unequal to those nearby.

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