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Harriet Tubman, The Road Of Freedom Essay examples

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Numerous are mindful of the considerable deed that Harriet Tubman executed to free slaves in the south. Then again, individuals are still left considerably unaware about in which the way they were safeguarded and how she triumphed each and every deterrent while placing her life at risk of being captured. She is deserving of the great honor she has garnered by todays general society and you will find out her in the biography. The title of this biography is “Harriet Tubman, the Road to Freedom.” The author of this piece is Catherine Clinton. ”Harriet Tubman, the road to Freedom” is a charming, instructive, and captivating book that history appreciates and is a memoir than readers will cherish. The Target audience of the biography is any readers inspired by finding out about the hardships and leadership of Harriet Tubman. The author of this biography feels that Harriet Tubman was an extraordinary lady that displayed gallant attributes. She also feels that Harriet Tubman is a prime example of a strong African American woman. In this biography, author, Catherine Clinton gives an accurate take regarding the conditions for slaves in Eastern Shore, Maryland. Her description of the conditions empower readers to construe how Harriet Tubman more than likely lived in her early years. This is a fascinating, elegantly composed early account that will equip readers with a realistic insight around the life of an African American saint. There are many good points throughout this biography. The authors’ point about Harriet Tubman being brave is confirmed by evidence in which she detailed. Case in point, voyaging on numerous occasions from the South toward the North by way of the Underground Railroad was considered exceptionally strong evidence of b...

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...ope and the number of escapees grew astronomically as their faith began to see its reward. In 1852, Tubman made no less than one annual trip into the Deep South, freeing an abundance of slaves that were relying on her. Most importantly, she was able to free her mother and father from slavery in the later stages of their lives. She led her voyages in the fall, escorting gatherings of slaves to Canada, where the legislature did not agree with the lawlessness fugitive slave law. Her stories of triumph were recorded by others or will be told by others as oral history, At merely five feet tall, she acted she appeared as an old back lady whom was no threat to slave-owners in the South but her heart was as strong as a 7 foot giant. Harriet Tubman will be remembered as a bold African American woman that played a major role in the abolishment of slavery in the United States.

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