Essay about Harm Caused by Tourism in Africa

Essay about Harm Caused by Tourism in Africa

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Tourism in Africa, How Harmful Can It Be?

"We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do." (Ward). This quote by Barbra Ward exemplifies the blatant disregard that man has for the environment and it is beginning to take its toll. We kill creatures without mercy or purpose and we infiltrate and destroy their homes without any regard for the consequences. Now the results are becoming even more evident and I directly experienced this on my trip to Africa this past summer. I went to Tanzania where there exists a plethora of species that can not be found anywhere else on the planet. These fascinating creatures live in wildlife parks in which tourists can stay. What I noticed on my travels was that many of these animals were in short supply and that most of them were unafraid of human interaction. These aspects bothered me and through this paper one will note how unfortunate that these trends are for the survival of our environmental treasures.
All animals and their environments should be cherished and study by humans—not bothered or killed. This first image features one of the most dangerous animals of the African adventure—the rhinoceros. Rhinos are usually not aggressive, but if they feel threatened, they will attack an on-comer with unwavering force and mercy. With all of these points taken into consideration, it is ridiculous that I was able to stand next to and touch the animal without it attacking me. Rhinos are endangered so it is rare to see one, but seeing one this up close kind of takes away from that special feeling that one gets when they see a wild creature. As the creature stood there, I realized that this was a once in a life time opportunity, but i...

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...ions decline and the animals themselves become more domesticated. These third-world countries do not have the government funding to protect the disappearing species, and the corruption that exists, prevents any of the foreign aid from reaching its intended destination. The only way for true environmental protection to occur would be a worldwide cause to keep human interaction away from these life forms. Sanctuaries are aimed towards a good cause, but they only end up increasing the animal’s dependency on human care. It is amazing to see all of these animals, but the experience is becoming hindered because the animals’ mentalities are not as “wild” beasts, but as creatures that are used to human harassment.

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