Hardships in Copper Sun By Sharon Draper Essay

Hardships in Copper Sun By Sharon Draper Essay

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In life we go through very hard times that’s just how life circles, but do these problems really help shape your spirit to who you are today and who you will be one day in the future? In the book Copper Sun by Sharon Draper Amari overcomes some of the most complicated problems in the history of the U.S., in which I personally don’t think I would have been able to handle as swiftly and fast as Amari had. With the help of others Amari was able to create a strong backbone to carry her thought out the way and support her in her worst times. Although some of these influences weren’t always the best people such as Clay, he helped shape Amaris future and the theme of the story. Finally, how important where the minor characters on helping to shape the main character’s spirit and inner mind, and after that transaction how where they able to slowly develop the theme/message of the book?
Minor characters are known for just being a backup player but do they really help shape the theme of a story such as it had in Copper Sun? Like after Amari had her village wiped out and stolen, Amari had first accepted the idea that she no longer had any reason to live for and wanted to die or murder herself by throwing herself off board or cutting herself to bleed to death. But after meeting Afi Amari was able to envision her life differently, Amari stood up for herself and was able to radiate positive vibes to others to survive from the torture she lived every day during the boat ride of living in unsanitary and cluttered. Not only that but Amari was also then packed and marked as a slave forever when she was first branded at shore symbolizing in a way that she will never be free from slavery. How this event really relates to actual life events is that it ...

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...o the conclusion of the theme. I strongly think that the message the author Sharon Draper was trying to explain to the readers is that even though we all fall that we also must learn to get back up. Amari had given me inspiration because even thought she went through some of the worst problems that any girl her age can experience Amari with the help of everyone around her was able to use her backbone to get her back up and lift her head up high to accept what future awaited her. The people around her helped shape who she will be one day and I can relate this to my life in which I choose to follow or not follow the ideas of society to help shape my future life into a better one than it is right now. And I have also learned that even through the toughest times to always remember that I am not alone, that I have my experiences and hopes to guide me through the journey.

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