The Hardship Of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

The Hardship Of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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The Hardship In Love
Although teenage pregnancy rate in USA have decreased recently, it remains a serious social issue with long-term effects. For example, a teenage mother could raise children alone and stay unmarried for decades, which is not suggested a complete and healthy family structure for child growing (Sedgh et al, 2015). Pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers are often have more problems in education and social relations than their peers, so that many of these schoolgirls have left schools and their friends. Teenage pregnancy also caused health problems to both mothers and babies, that have to be covered for much expense. Therefore, teenage pregnancy has effects in educational, economic, and medical aspects of the lives of teenage mothers and their children.
The causes of teenage pregnancy remains diverse. The reasons of teenage pregnancy vary from curiosity and experimentation to less awareness of the consequences and lack of sexual protection, and sexual abuse (Teen sex, 2013). Imamura et al. (2007) state that the primary cause is teen parents lack knowledge of sexual health and contraceptive use. They report that a considerable percentage of teenage mothers did not know accurate information about sexual health. However, other factors also contribute to the teenage pregnancy rate as main reasons. Teenage girls who had adverse childhood experiences, such as family conflict and domestic violence, are more likely to be pregnant or become teenage mothers (Imamura et al., 2007). Bunting and McAuley (2004) believe that less intimacy with parents and weaker family bounding than complete structured family is also a main reason that those teenage girls have less advises from their parents and have more chances to be friends wi...

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...he harm and damage of sex would still last for a long time, that would finally end up with teenage pregnancy and infection of sexually transmitted diseases.
Teenage pregnancy could be caused by various reasons, and it has negative impacts on education, economy and health in the lives of teenage mothers and their children. All those problems demand urgency of governmental actions and social solutions. Evidence-based sex education programs have proved its importance in preventing teenage pregnancy, but it is not a perfect solution and not a effective approach compared to the worldwide leading position of U. S. The roots of teenage pregnancy issue have grown deeply with culture content in western-world. In order to solve teenage pregnancy once for all, every individuals has to put in efforts and change their behaviors, that sex has consequences and love requires respect.

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