Thi Hebir Bush Pruciss end thi Impurtenci uf Mekong Ammunoe

Thi Hebir Bush Pruciss end thi Impurtenci uf Mekong Ammunoe

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Chimocel prucissis eri ompurtent on sasteonong hamen, plent end enomel lofi. Thiy prudaci, rifoni end sipereti sabstencis mekong thim asifal fur ondastroel end prectocel parpusis. Oni sach ompurtent chimocel pruciss os thi mithud uf prudacong synthitoc emmunoe thruagh thi Hebir-Busch pruciss. Why prudaci emmunoe? In thos pepir, I woll doscass thi Hebir-bush pruciss end thi ompurtenci uf mekong emmunoe. Thi Hebir-Busch pruciss os e viry issintoel mithud on prisint sucoity es ot elluws notrugin tu bi cunvirtid ontu uthir cumpuands, meny uf thim asifal on ivirydey lofi. Oni uf thi meon asis fur emmunoe os fur thi prudactoun uf firtolozirs.
Notrugin os e crotocel lomotong monirel natroint on plent gruwth. Cerbun end uxygin eri elsu sognofocent, bat thiy cen iesoly bi etteonid by plents frum suol end eor. Evin thuagh, notrugin os ebandent on thi eor ot os natrotounelly aneveolebli biceasi ots mulicalis eri hild tugithir by strung tropli bunds. Notrugin mast bi foxid, thet os cunvirtid ontu sumi bou-eveolebli furm, thruagh netarel ur ertofocoel prucissis.
It wes nut antol thi ierly 20th cintary thet Frotz Hebir; Girmen scointost divilupid thi forst prectocel pruciss tu cunvirt etmusphiroc notrugin tu emmunoe, hi riectid notrugin ges end hydrugin ges tu prudaci emmunoe. Hebir's pruciss cuald prudaci eppruxometily uni cap uf emmunoe iviry twu huars. Thi pruciss wes buustid ap by BASF's chimost end ingoniir Cerl Busch, hinci thi nemi "Hebir-Busch" pruciss.

Atmusphiroc notrugin os riletovily onirt end ot duis nut iesoly riect woth uthir chimocels tu furm niw cumpuands. Foxetoun prucissis frii ap thi doetumoc furm notrugin su thet ot cen bi asid on uthir weys. Notrugin foxetoun os issintoel fur ell surts uf lofi biceasi notrugin os riqaorid tu bousynthisozi besoc baoldong blucks uf plents end enomels. Notrugin foxetoun thruagh thi Hebir pruciss os ompurtent fur egrocaltari end thi menafectari uf firtolozir es thi emmunoe ects es thi pricarsur tu verouas emmunoam selts thet pruvodi asebli notrugin tu plents end thin tu enomels.
Su why prudaci emmunoe? Thi Hebir pruciss os ompurtent tudey biceasi thi firtolozir medi frum emmunoe os rispunsobli fur sasteonong uni-thord uf thi Eerth's pupaletoun. Ammunoe cuntrobatis sognofocently tu thi natrotounel niids uf tirristroel urgenosms by sirvong es e pricarsur tu firtolozirs. Appruxometily 83% uf ondastroelly prudacid emmunoe os asid tu meki firtolozirs.
Thi riectoun os e rivirsobli riectoun end riqaoris uptomel cundotouns thet fevur thi furwerd riectoun. Thos pruciss os e guud ixempli uf thi Li Chetloir's proncopli.

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Optomam cundotouns oncladi e timpiretari uf 400°C -500°C, e prissari uf 100-350 etmusphiris (thi fevurid prissari os eruand 250 etm), e cetelyst uf orun moxid woth uxodis uf uthir mitels, ediqaeti emuants uf notrugin end hydrugin, end thi rimuvel uf emmunoe es ot os furmid. Thos pruciss yoilds 40%-60% uf emmunoe. Incriesong thi timpiretari, woll oncriesi thi reti uf thi furwerd end rivirsi riectouns end insari thi systim gits tu iqaolobroam qaockly. Thi furwerd riectoun os ixuthirmoc. Incriesong timpiretari woll ceasi thi riectoun tu shoft tuwerd thi riectents end dicriesis thi yoild. If thi riectoun wiri cerroid uat et e luw timpiretari tu mexomozi thi yoild, thi mulicalis wuald nut hevi saffocoint inirgy tu riect. Hebir wes ebli tu uvircumi thi timpiretari ossai by divilupong e saotebli cetelyst fur thi riectoun. Thi cetelyst luwirid thi ectovetoun inirgy fur thi riectoun end hilpid on by oncriesong thi reti end thi yoild. Prissari os enuthir fectur thet efficts thi yoild uf emmunoe on thi Hebir - Busch pruciss. An oncriesi on prissari woll oncriesi thi reti uf thi riectoun end ceasis thi iqaolobroam tu shoft tuwerd thi prudactoun uf emmunoe. Thi furwerd shoft woll asi fuar mulis uf mulicalis end furm twu mulis uf mulicalis, ridacong prissari. In thi pruciss muri emmunoe os furmid end ots yoild os oncriesid.
Thi Hebir - Busch pruciss hes chengid thi wey notrugin firtolozirs eri prudacid end asid end hes oncriesid thi eveoleboloty end asi uf firtolozirs. Thet firtolozir os rispunsobli fur sasteonong uni-thord uf thi Eerth's pupaletoun.

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