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  • The Nitrogen Cycle: The Nitrogen Cycle

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Nitrogen is essential to all living systems, which makes the nitrogen cycle one of Earth's most important nutrient cycles. Atoms of nitrogen don't just stay in one place. They move slowly between living things, dead things, the air, soil and water. These movements are called the nitrogen cycle. The nitrogen cycle is one of the biogeochemical cycles and is very important for ecosystems. Nitrogen moves slowly through the

  • Nitrogen

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    Nitrogen was isolated by the British physician Daniel Rutherford in 1772 and recognized as an elemental gas by the French chemist Antoine Laurent Lavoisier about 1776.Properties Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, nontoxic gas. It can be condensed into a colorless liquid, which can in turn be compressed into a colorless, crystalline solid. Nitrogen exists in two natural forms of isotopes, and four radioactive isotopes have been artificially prepared. Nitrogen melts at -210.01° C (-346.02°

  • Nitrogen Essay

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    Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless gas that can be found in group 15 of the periodic table. Nitrogen is represented by the symbol, N, and has an atomic number of 7. This element was discovered by Daniel Rutherford in 1772. Mr. Rutherford studied Edinburgh University where he began his research on this gas. It started with an experiment including a mouse in a small enclosed area, and from there concluded that the air being released by the mouse was what we know as Nitrogen. At room temperature this

  • The Nitrogen Cycle

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    Earth’s atmosphere is nitrogen (78%). When humans and all living things take a deep breath, most of what they just inhaled is nitrogen. All life needs nitrogen compounds, for examples are proteins and nucleic acids. For the plants, chlorophyll molecules use most of the nitrogen which are important for photosynthesis and further development. The quantity of nitrogen gas being permanently at any given time by natural processes produces only a small increase by fixed nitrogen that rotates among the

  • Nitrogen Management

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    Nitrogen management is crucial component for sustainable crop production, it is desirable to adapt N supply with crop N use to maximize efficiency. In Egypt, due to intensive cultivation of high yielding crop varieties, the nutrients supplying capacity of soil is declining. Producers tend to apply insurance application of N to make them feel more confident about N sufficiency. These practices may lead to over application of N fertilizer and result in groundwater pollution by nitrate (NO3) due to

  • Nitrogen Essay

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    Nitrogen is used by plants in order to synthesize protein peptide bonds and for cell growth. Not only is this nutrient required in the largest quantity by plants, but it is also the most frequently limiting factor when it comes to productivity in crops. Plants cannot use nitrogen in the air and in the soil system it is lost easily. Because of this plants are forced to obtain nitrogen in the form of nitrate and ammonium from the soil. Too much nitrate can cause a negative effect on the plant including

  • Nitrogen Gas Experiment

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    Aim: - An experiment on how a volume of nitrogen gas is affected by the pressure exerted on it. INTRODUCTION: Gases are composed of molecules and are not held by intermolecular forces of attraction. They move about in random directions constantly colliding with one another and with their container walls without loss of kinetic energy. Thus, the collision of gases is said to be elastic since kinetic energy is not lost. As collision between gas particles become faster and more frequent, the impact

  • What is Nitrogen?

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    In life we heard a lot about Nitrogen Gas. It is chemical element with seven of atomic number and it is makes up about 78% of the earth's atmosphere. It included an estimated about 4,000 trillion tons of the gas. In 1772, Nitrogen had discovered by Doctor Daniel Rutherford. He called this gas "fixed air". He started his research on carbon dioxide. In 1786, Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier who was isolated nitrogen. He pointed out that this gas did not combine with any other chemical element. Also, Carl

  • Prevention of Nitrogen Narcosis

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    1. Causes “Nitrogen narcosis is basically the change of state of the mind of a person because of breathing in nitrogen at a high partial pressure. Even though nitrogen isn’t the only gas that is in a diver’s tank (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide) it still is a main component of air, since 79% is nitrogen. Therefore according to Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures, the sum of these non-reacting gases would be the total pressure. The most important factor that results in nitrogen narcosis is related

  • Nitrogen, Carbon and Phosphorus Cycles

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    Nitrogen, Carbon and Phosphorus Cycles The carbon cycle deals with the interaction of carbon between living organisms and the nonliving environment. This cycle is a process through which all carbon rotates. The main result of the carbon cycle is to serve as a great natural "recycler" of carbon atoms. The cycle works in a very basic way. First, carbon is taken from carbon dioxide found in the air. Plants take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere