Guns Have Become Dangerous For People 's Lives Essay examples

Guns Have Become Dangerous For People 's Lives Essay examples

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Throughout history, Americans have suffered from a serious issue of using guns in the streets. Guns have become dangerous for people 's lives in United States. The crime rate has increased due to handguns ownership in many states in U.S. Guns can cause many crimes, such as: murder, robbery and rape. Many people became afraid of having the wrong hand guns which can lead them to lose relatives or a friends. American history has shown how the guns can use in many crimes, such as the cases in the Charleston church shooting in North Carolina, Aurora shooting in Colorado, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut, and the 2009 Fort Hood shooting in Texas. Those crimes showed that how guns are dangerous in United States which is also proving crimes shooting happened in all over U.S.
During The Second World war, many countries invaded their neighbors, which caused massive damages that made many American people realized that, it is necessary to have guns. In fact, Guns control supporters stopped their defense while that time and most American politicians were pro-gun. After more than two decades of dormancy in United States of gun control debates, the disturbances in 1960s unleashed a surge of appeal for new guns control law (Froman, 2007). The president John F. Kennedy was killed on November 22, 1963 in Dallas. Furthermore, throughout 1964 until 1968, there were riots in many cities that prompted the government to face the issue of guns should be controlled. On the other hands, after those troubles, many people noticed the dangers of guns that made them arguing about gun control. The history of gun laws in united states has changed since the Second amendment which declared that "a well regulated militia, being necessary to ...

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...7). Therefore, the government should control the guns which will decrease the crime rate which will lead to reduce homicide number. After the Sandy Hook massacre, there were 99 school shootings, which can be defined as a massive number (Khan, 2015). If the government take seriously guns control, that would not happen, and people will be afraid to get a trouble of using guns. In addition, victims of guns shooting are increasing the United States. According to the Gun Violence Archive, "there were 12,569 gun deaths in the United States in 2014" (Khan, 2015, para. 8). Canada has a strict system for handguns, and the government has the right to ban some people to own guns. In fact, In 2004, the crime rate in Canada was 1.95 per persons, compared with a U.S rate of 5.9,this numbers show having gun control leads to decrease the crime rate (Hodge, Vernick, & Webster, 2007).

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