Essay about Gun Violence And Mass Shooting

Essay about Gun Violence And Mass Shooting

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Gun violence and mass shooting are serious issues that lead to the death of many individuals within a society. As described in the article U.S. Senate unlikely to pass gun control bills despite Orlando shooting, the most recent mass shooting event took place on June 12, 2016 where the gunman, Omar Mateen attacked a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida (Fram and Jalonick, 2016, p.1). Forty-nine people lost their lives and many others were wounded, making it the largest mass shooting in recent U.S. history (Fram and Jalonick, 2016, p.1). Currently, people buying firearms from federally licensed gun dealers can be denied for multiple reasons such as serious crime or mental problems, however, potential terrorists are able to obtain guns through online purchases or gun shows (Fram and Jalonick, 2016, p.2). The article suggests that a prohibition for terrorists under the FBI watch list would allow the government to block gun sales to known or suspected terrorists. This gun control policy would include the prohibition of gun sales to people with mental health problems.
The first psychological concept present within this article is stereotypes of psychological disorders which refers to different myths about abnormal behaviour. One myth about abnormal behaviour is that “people with psychological disorders are often violent and dangerous” (Weiten and McCann, 2016, p.661). This stereotype is prevalent especially because the media emphasizes the connection between incidents of violence and mental illness. The concept relates to the article as the gun control policy was not only suggested to prevent terrorists from obtaining firearm, but to also prohibit the sales of guns to citizens with mental health problems (Fram and Jalonick, 2016, p.2). How...

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...onducted by small groups of mentally ill individuals which gun control policy would not effectively prevent. The study indicates a weakness in the approach of the media in attaining support for a gun control policy (McGinty et al., 2013, p.495). Relating this information back to the psychological concept of fundamental attribution error, the bias that the media portrays in explaining the shooter’s behaviour as an act of unenforced gun policy against the mentally ill is ineffective towards the public attitude. Journalists are able to heighten the negative attitude of the public towards the mentally ill, however, it fails to gain support for the gun control policy. According to the study, the only way the proposal of the gun control policy will gain public support is if it refrains from creating a relationship between mentally ill individuals and mass shooting events.

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