The Green Violinist By Marc Chagall Essay example

The Green Violinist By Marc Chagall Essay example

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The Green Violinist
In this paper I will discuss the print called The Green Violinist. This painting was created by Marc Chagall in the years of 1923 and 1924. It is quite a large painting since it is 78” tall and 42 ¾” wide. It is an oil on canvas painting. The main figure in the painting is a strange looking man playing a violin. He has green skin and a black beard. His face is painted at an odd angle. His facial features are contorted at various angles. He is holding his violin and bow in his hands. One hand is ungloved while the other is wearing a white glove. He is wearing a long purple top coat that reaches to the middle of his calves. He has on a purple cap as well. His feet do not appear to be touching the ground. He looks like he is standing on two rooftops. He appears to be larger than life, almost like he might exist in a dream. In the foreground there is what looks like a large dog with his feet on one of the roofs the violinist is standing on. There is a church top in between the two houses he is standing on. In the middle ground, just behind the man, is another much smaller man who appears to be holding another violin up by the tuning section of the violin. In the background are two more houses with clouds above and behind them. Another man is reaching up into the sky between these two houses towards a being in a purple jumpsuit that looks like he is floating or flying in the sky as the violinist plays. There is a man sitting on the ground hunched over on the backside of one of the houses as a man on a horse and buggy drive by. Only the horse is looking back toward the violinist.
Bright colors are used sparingly in this painting. The violinist’s hat, coat, skin color, and the violin itself use ...

... middle of paper ...

...e who can successfully influence people without them knowing they are being influenced stands to gain the upper hand in shaping society. The work of art is successful in making the person viewing it think about its meaning. The distorted features and patchwork make-up of the fiddler himself is symbolic to me of the things in this world which we are vaguely aware of but affect us all nonetheless. The formal theory applies to this painting. It applies because he uses a secondary color scheme and he uses complimentary colors such as black and white on the shoes of the violinist. He also uses contrast with the dark green face of the man and the bright orange of the violin. The purple coat the man is wearing bounces off the bright back ground. The work is organized in a way which draws the eyes of the viewer first to the fiddler, then through the rest of the image.

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