The Bedroom By Vincent Van Gogh

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This painting by Vincent Van Gogh is on display at the Art Institute of Chicago Museum, in the Impressionism exhibit. There are many things going on in this painting that catch the viewer’s eye. The first is the piece’s vibrant colors, light blues and browns, bright greens, and more. The brush strokes that are very visible and can easily be identified as very thick some might even say bold. The furniture, the objects, and the setting are easy to identify and are proportioned to each other. There is so much to see in this piece to attempt to explain in only a few simple sentences. As previously pointed out the piece is full of many vibrant colors, like the floors a dull, muted yet dark brown that is accented with the pale almost teal colored shade of green, primarily in the far end on the floor. The glass on the window in the back has both light greens and yellow shades next to each other, yellow on the right side and the light green colors, covering more of the glass on most of the windowpanes, on the left side. The walls are a light blue with the occasional bundle of white lines or streaks of white. Both of the doors that are partially visible are similar shades of blue, one of them has blotches of a brownish grey color. The other door has a different colored doorframe, a green stripe on the left side, which is immediately followed by a white stripe. The most prominent color in this painting is blue; it is used in the walls, the doors the articles of clothing hanging on the wall hook and some of the items resting on the nightstand. The other prominent color is green, used on parts of floorboards, the window, a part of one of the doorframes, parts of the hanging paintings and the empty vase on the nightstand. Brown is the only ... ... middle of paper ... make the actual image need to be looked at, because a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Works Cited Brooks, David. Biography. 1996-2014. . —. The Paintings. 1996-2014. . Ella Hendriks, Leo Jansen, Johanna Salvant, Élisabeth Ravaud, Myriam Eveno, Michel Menu, Inge Fiedler, Muriel Geldof, Luc Megens, Maarten van Bommel, C. Richard Johnson Jr, Don. H. Johnson. "A comparative study of Vincent van Gogh’s Bedroom series." . Harrison, R. G. "Letter 554." 2001. . Overview: Van Gogh's The Bedroom. 2014. . Vincent van Goghs: The Bedroom. 2002-2013. Templeton Reid, LLC. .
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