The Greatest Migrations And The American Dream Essay

The Greatest Migrations And The American Dream Essay

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The Greatest Migrations as a path to the American Dream

Setting: The local PBS studio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Tonight’s premiere episode of Imagining America will be hosted by Nathaniel Joslin, our three guests will discuss and explore the struggles that minorities encounter in the pursuit of the American Dream.

The lights come on and the camera zooms in on the long discussion table that the host and three panelists are sitting around.

Host: Good evening everyone! Thanks for tuning in.
Audience Applauses
In tonight 's installment of PBS Chapel Hill’s Imagining America series, our three panelists will explore some of greatest migrations in American history. These migrations have
gone on to have a profound effect on the United States of America. The acclaimed filmmaker Chris Weitz, author Willa Cather portrayed by actress Meryl Streep, and poet Langston Hughes portrayed by actor Morgan Freeman will be our panelists. Today each panelist will discuss how the migration and persecution of foreigners into the United States in search of achieving the American Dream and the migration of African Americans searching for a better life outside of the Jim Crow south has effected and inspired their work and has shaped American culture. Each panelist will be discussing this topic through the lens of one of their pieces. We will begin with you Mr. Wetiz, talk to us about your recent film A Better Life.

Each panelist will introduce their piece of work with a brief overview and opening statement which will begin the discussion:

Chris Weitz: Smiles towards the audience. Thanks for having me tonight, Nathaniel.
The influx of immigrants of the United States has had a profound effect on its people and has shaped the country and it...

... middle of paper ...

...nd each of our panelists for their work documenting the challenges of both of these unique migrations. While these challenges are real and many cases unjust, it is through overcoming this adversity, fighting prejudice and achieving the American dream that has made us who we are today.
I hate to end what has turned into such an interesting discussion but we are out of time for today. I’d like to thank our three panelists for coming to today, and I look forward to seeing you all (motions towards the camera) right here next week.

End of Episode 1.

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