The American Dream

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The American dream and how to obtain it has been altered in multiple ways throughout the decades. It is more difficult today than it was in the early twentieth century to achieve the American dream. This dream is the idea that any individual can rise up the class ladder from nothing. The fact that the rich population’s taxes stay low and that those same people stay wealthy contribute to the difficulty to obtain the dream. Many immigrants move to America in hopes of achieving the American dream. Reluctance to grant citizenship to those who work hard in our country make it difficult for in these individuals to gain wealth. In the twentieth century the economy was flourishing, making it easier for people to get jobs; nowadays, in a recession, it is hard to find a job that pays well without a higher education. All of these factors make it harder for one to achieve the American Dream.
The richest people of America continuously receive the largest tax breaks. Due to this unfortunate process, the rich stay wealthy while the poor pick up the extra taxes, staying in deep poverty. “Americans find themselves mired in the same place as their parents” (Class and the American Dream). It is more difficult now to rise up on the class ladder than it was in Gatsby’s era. Gatsby came from nothing, he rose from poverty by chance. Meeting Dan Cody was his opening into the world of the rich. If Gatsby had not learned the basics of how to act and how to be proper, it would have impaired his ability to get rich and climb the ladder. The gap that currently has to be jumped from the poor to the wealthy is now triple the amount it had been in the last 28 years, making the top incomes 74.6 times higher than the bottom incomes (Sherman & Stone)....

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.... The gap between the rich and poor that has continuously increased throughout the decades makes it even more challenging for an individual to jump from the poor class to the rich. The rich, receiving large tax breaks, stay rich. This leaves the Americans in the poor class to carry the burden of the heavier taxes, leaving them in the same class with little to no hope of becoming rich and obtaining the American dream. In addition, delaying and denying citizenship to immigrants hinders their ability to obtain wealth and the American dream. Low wages also decreases the ability for many Americans to gain a higher education, decreasing the likelihood they will receive high wages and the American dream. In the era that The Great Gatsby was written in, it was much easier to climb the class ladder due to the smaller class gap, as shown through Jay Gatsby’s story.
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