The Great Inventions During Ancient History Essay

The Great Inventions During Ancient History Essay

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Amanda Podany’s “Brotherhood of Kings” deals with similar diplomatic ties also
international and social relations between kingdoms and dynasties. Dividing each kingdom into
its own we will see a slight change in history’s value of warfare and hardship as war turns into a
brotherhood of kings who all cherish and value the same luxuries. In comparison to other ancient
kingdoms Podany demonstrates that as we come across many different artifacts we can see that
history had taken a huge turn expanding our minds to see this era in a positive perspective. But
how did this brotherhood begin? Who knew that something so simple such as language and
writing could bring kingdoms together. In attempt to explain something so significant I will
analyze the vision that Pondany wants us as readers to understand.
Cuneiform one of earliest forms of writing from the city of Sumer became one of the
greatest inventions during ancient history. This gave them the advantage to communicate
with others while expanding their brotherhood amongst many other civilizations from
Mesopotamia to Syria then towards Persia and throughout Egypt. After going through many
wars and treaties, pharaohs and priests, we see a formation starting to occur between the
almighty and weakest. Due to the fact that many of these kingdoms have no economic issues
wars were never the main issue. Most cities during this time weren’t militarized and this gave
those cities that were militarized an advantage to conquer other cities just because they had the
power. The beginning of war started with Ebla who was weak and feared of being conquered
started a treaty with Mari as they started writing diplomatic letters wanting other cities to join
close and dis...

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...impression upon the egyptian people even without being in sight most times or the moments when they would arrive at their destination. Using this to describe the Armana period was especially significant because it introduces somewhat of a mail system that was not recently created until this period. Also Podany’s usage of the women in power helps readers understand how complex their society soon became in the Armana period. Showing that women do not have to be stuck with a lowly position in society, this realization came about once again during the women’s rights age.
Overall Podany focuses on the most pivotal moments in history that have circulated in modern days also. Bringing to light the fact that human nature is reoccuring although a primitive form it has occurred with modern day humans. Podnay poses a strong writing of the brotherhood of humans of ancient times.

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