Universal Brotherhood in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

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Universal Brotherhood is an entity that connects us all in a way we can never explain. Throughout “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” Huck experiences the values of Brotherhood through his relationship with Jim. Brotherhood played a major role in the novel and had a great impact on Hucks life. Through his relationship with Jim, he learns that society is not always good and caring, it is corrupt in several ways. He chooses to save Jim out of slavery, something that was illegal during the time. Huck did not care that he went against society to help Jim find freedom because in his heart he felt that it was morally right. Brotherhood plays a big role in the way we interact with each other, it is something inscribed into everybodies DNA. While Universal Brotherhood can be positive, it can also be negative and corrupted from the inside. “Even a superficial investigation, however, leads us into a labyrinth of thought in which there is no logical escape from the conclusion that somehow a unity exists between all human being,” said Neresheimer. The positive effects it can have on our world is limitless. The author explains events where societies failed because of the absence of Universal Brotherhood. The explained events where the absence of Universal Brotherhood cause civil war within the society causing it to fall (Neresheimer). Jim and Huck had good hearts and good intentions for each other. When Huck faked his murder and ran away he encountered Jim along the Mississippi River. Jim was shocked believing Huck had been actually murdered. He embraced Huck realizing he is still alive. Huck admired Jim’s concern about him. Jims care for Huck made him realize that just because society doesn’t accept him does not mean he is something disgr... ... middle of paper ... ...bolized their freedom and peace, only to be corrupted by the evils in society. Throughout history, records of Universal Brotherhood is shown to be corrupted by governments. Such events proves that it has been professed, but not practiced (Fact in Nature). Spending time with the King and the Duke, Huck learned about how people can have the heart to deceive each other in the most evilest ways. When Jim get kidnapped and taken away Huck knew it was wrong and it was right to help get him set free. His relationship built with him was ignited by the brotherhood companionship inscribed in his heart, he just needed a person to ignite it. At the end of the novel Jim is set free because of Huck. Huck learns that sometimes don't have to follow the rules of society if you believe in something. Something that gives you divine right to believe it is a morally good thing to do.
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