The Great Gatsby: An Important Literary Work Essay

The Great Gatsby: An Important Literary Work Essay

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The Great Gatsby Is an Important Literary Work
“Every man's memory is his private literature,” said Aldous Huxley, noted author. “The decline of literature indicates the decline of a nation because among the most outwardly unexceptional people, all lives trace a story. Some contain more characters than one can easily track, others follow plot lines that can only be described as convoluted. Some are full of description where nothing seems to happen, unless you're patient enough to read between the lines.” ("brainyquotes").
I am uncertain if writers can create anything important without the work being partial and twisted by some person, place, or thing in their past. Remembrance is so often identical with motivation, even if it's the memory of something heard, seen or read “private literature” is never entirely private. Almost everything we have experienced has been a shared event, even the once-forgotten moments that play back clearly and surprisingly in our minds. I know that in my "private literature" collection of memory, there are some remarkably painful stories waiting to be told. And, in some cases, the stories will never become visible. They come from shared libraries and cannot be borrowed without special permission. Like an ancient document, some moments are too delicate to touch. Best to leave them on a high shelf, both recognized and undisturbed. Books are like authors’ diaries; they just change up the names and small details to make it not seem as if they were talking about themselves. If you read enough from the same author you may learn a lot about him or her just from what you read. That can certainly be said about F. Scott Fitzgerald and his work, The Great Gatsby. Before one can discuss t...

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...he poor, because all they will do is have more children and keep themselves always poor. Fitzgerald pulls his reader through the paralyzing environment in which his narrator characterizes his characters. This quote is saying that in their society while the poor people have children the rich people just get richer and higher in society. This is an example of the way Gatsby is. He is a rich person, who just gets richer and richer.

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