The Great Depression By Franklin Delano Roosevelt Essay

The Great Depression By Franklin Delano Roosevelt Essay

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During the great depression in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s numerous American people were affected in a wide variety of ways. The great depression highlighted numerous failings of the capitalist system and with the emergence of Russian bolshevism and German facism at this time, the face of American politics began to change and the changes in the labour market were a reflection of this. With the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, major changes began to unfold in American society, which were somewhat revolutionary in their nature.

Throughout the 1920’s The United States had experienced a boom period known as the ‘roaring twenties’. This was a period where the nation experienced economic prosperity and he foundations of a new found culture. Life for most people had returned to the state it had been prior to World War 1. Although 54,000 soldiers had been lost, the US had come back having helped win the war and their losses were far less than what was experienced by other nations. The genre of jazz had peaked and the flapper had redefined modern womanhood. This era also saw a large scale rise in the usage of automobiles, telephones, motion pictures, radio stations, electricity, refrigeration, air conditioning, commercial, passenger and freight aviation, unprecedented industrial growth, accelerated consumer demand and aspirations, plus significant changes in lifestyle and culture(Lamb). However this period of prosperity began to plummet near the end of the decade.
The great depression began in August of 1929 when the United states first went into an economic recession. For the next two months the GDP continued to decline but, it was not until the Wall Street crash in October of 1929 that the effects of a regressive economy wer...

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...ary and industrial machinery. The administrative power of the federal government was further legitimised and the federal bureaucracy
During the tumultuous years of the great depression America found itself on the edge of a revolution due to a number of factors. With the influences of Russian Bolshevism, Nazi Germany and the failings of a conservative government in the years prior to act effectively upon the effects felt by the stock market crash and the ensuing great depression, the opportunity for entire sections of American people to begin revolting was rife. This point in time called for bold leadership and new ideas to be enacted and that was exactly what was done by the Roosevelt administration. In a way, many of the policies enacted by the New Deal were in a way revolutionary themselves and it was largely owing to this that an overall revolution was prevented.

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