The Great Depression and President Herbert Hoover Essay

The Great Depression and President Herbert Hoover Essay

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Taking office the same year as the Great Depression, Americas thirty first president, Herbert Hoover greatly impacted the lives of many Americans. It has been stated that the stalk market crash was to blame for the greatest economic downturn in American; however, Ex-President Hoover made critical mistakes during the depression that he would be blamed for the rest of his life. The Great Depression began in 1929, 7 months after the Ex-President’s election. (Insert cite) Instead of “using the power of the federal government to squarely address it” (I C), Hoover vetoed many bills that would help the situation, believing in volunteer help. Hoover soon became hated and thought of as heartless. Ex-President Herbert Hoovers involvement in the Great Depression had a great but tragic impact in history because of his lack of severity towards the situation, his many unsuccessful programs and his unwillingness for government help.
To begin, born on August 10, 1874, Hoover was raised as a humanitarian. He organized relief efforts for trapped foreigners during the boxer rebellion in china, helped trapped Americans during World War I in Europe and constantly helped with food relief. Hoover ran for the republican candidate and won in 1928. During this point of time Hoover was greatly admired and supported. Unfortunately seven months later the stalk market crashed. Instead of facing the problem head on President Hoover didn’t take the problem seriously enough. It has been said that Hoover called business and asked them to keep their employees and not to lower their pay roles. President Hoover figured that the problem would work its self out.
However, the “nationwide unemployment rates rose from 3 percent in 1929 to 23 percent in 1932...

... middle of paper ...

...en believe he had a chance to be reelected he was so unpopular.
Moreover, Herbert Hoover’s precipitation in the Great Depression made a great impact in the nation. It is the way it is today because of him. Many would argue that the nation would have been a lot better off without him. Nevertheless his actions are very important because they shaped the Great Depression. The Great depression was the Americas worst economic downfall in history. Herbert Hoover’s presidency term will always reflect it.
In Conclusion, The United States 31st President, Herbert Hoover’s involvement in the Great Depression had a great but tragic impact in history because of his lack of severity towards the situation, his many unsuccessful programs and his unwillingness for government help. His methods and his unwillingness for help will forever shape the Great Depression. He Did….

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