Graduation Speech : The Grading System Essay

Graduation Speech : The Grading System Essay

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The grading system is designed to commend students for getting good grades and shun students for receiving bad ones. This is done to give students an incentive to learn the material, because if there were no reasons to get good grades, then students would not try at all. It is not only beneficial for students to get good grades because of the praise; but, because they will inevitably need to learn the material if they want to get good grades. The school board should keep the policies they have in place and students should really strive to earn good marks.
Students in today’s day and age genuinely want to learn the material they are being taught. They understand that if they learn the concepts that it will not only help them live a successful life, but it will make them a better and more important person in the world. Earning good grades is not only important to the progress of the student but also, it gives insight to the parents of how their child is doing in their classes (Owen, “How Important Are Grades?”). If their child is performing poorly, they should be informed about the problem. Equally important, if their child is excelling in their school work, they should also know about this. Without a proper grading system, this would not be possible. The grading system is designed in a manner that the better an individual does on a specific assignment, the higher a grade the student will receive. A problem that arises is when students are solely focused on receiving a good grade. If they don’t have any other extra goals in addition to a good grade, the student is most likely to cheat ("Students Cheat for Good Grades. Why Not Make the Classroom about Learning and Not Testing?"). This may be an issue, but the fact of the matt...

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...ork ethic; thereby, improving their grades by the end of the semester. This is just one example of how bad grades can be used to benefit someone’s learning experience. Unfortunately though, bad grades can lead to cheating. One of the main things that lead students to cheating is getting bad grades and the fact that they need good grades to obtain the job that they want (“Reasons Students Cheat”). For this reason, students should develop a good work ethic early on in their educational careers so they do not dig themselves into a hole and have to dig themselves out as the semester goes on and as the rest of their academic careers advances.
In conclusion, the way the grading system is set up is to benefit the learning experience of all students, so that at the end of their learning career, they have learned everything possible that they were capable of understanding.

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