The Pros And Cons Of Share Grading System

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Intelligence has begun to define individuals globally, but the goal of the minimum grading system is fairness and equality. Fair share grading is when all students in the class take an intended exam, but the class average score of the test is given to every student. Each student will receive the same grade even if one did better or worse than the average score. That being said it could reduce dropout rates, test anxiety, and competition between students. On the other hand, students could be affected negatively because it could lead to false self-value and unfairness to those students who study harder in order to earn higher grades. The debate continues about whether students should be separated by intelligence or be given equal grades in order…show more content…
The letter grade to symbolize this is “C”. The fair share grading system goal is to achieve the average. For this system, the students all receive the same schooling, but do teachers and faculty believe that students are all achieving above average grades? Through the fair share grading system, students are seen to be unable to reach the standard goals. With that being said, students must be guided or coached through school by those around them. This could ultimately lead to false self- value. Self-value is defined as the views or opinions one places upon oneself. In this case, false self-value is that one may be lacking believe and confidence. If the education system changed to the fair share grading technique, students could be led to believe that they are not as smart as everyone else so they should rely on their classmates’…show more content…
A young boy named George was given a transmitter in his ear that would send out a sharp noise to keep him from having an “unfair advantage” in his intelligence. The noise would cause George and anyone else who starting to think about something intellectually would have this noise go through their ear. Thus, causing them to, ultimately, forget what they were thinking before. This causes George to have the same amount of knowledge as his community around him. Average intelligence will allow for no competition and equality among members. Harrison Bergeron relates to fair share grading because there is no diversity of intelligence among students or community members. Everyone will have the same expectations of average intelligence whether you are in the community or in school. Does it seem fair to eliminate someone’s thoughts and feelings because others believe they could be too

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