Graduation Speech : Pursuing A Doctorate Degree Essay example

Graduation Speech : Pursuing A Doctorate Degree Essay example

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Education and learning has always been very important to me. Graduating undergraduate and graduate school was something I knew I would accomplish. I never thought about pursuing a doctorate degree until I started my Master’s program. I thought of the impact I could make in Higher Education with my experience, purpose and passion. Looking back at the environment that I came from, single parent family, first-generation, and an at-risk student, I had to try harder than others to get ahead. I always sought out more for myself. School has always been one of the things that remained consistent in my life. That is one reason, why doctoral school is so important to me. I believe I can honestly make a difference in students’ lives by working with them with an intrusive relationship. Helping people achieve their goals and making a difference in people’s lives has become a natural part of me. I plan to expand my knowledge of theory and research as it pertains to education. By pursuing and obtaining a doctorate degree I will become an expert in my field and will have the knowledge, confidence and experience to achieve additional goals that I have.
Some of my major interests in the field of higher education include student development theory and working with at-risk students to ensure academic success. More specifically, I am extremely interested in learning about foster cared youth who age out of the system and begin their college process. I am intrigued by this population because I have been a foster parent and see that it is difficult for these students to successfully start the college process and graduate. I aspire to do research in this area to provide more answers and assistance. I know how it feels not to have anyone to turn to. This i...

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...m naturally. As a current higher education professional, my personal uniqueness seems to capture my student’s attention and positions us to have an engaging relationship. I am very sincere and transparent with my students, which makes them trust me. I am a leader, friendly, well-mannered and helpful to everyone. Having these qualities are necessary when entering a new program. I look forward to achieving individual and group success at UNT and I believe this will help in terms of the Department of Higher Education’s success and reputation. I knew from the moment I had my first in-person interaction with UNT in February 2014 that it was the perfect fit for me. I was welcomed with each visit and contact that were made. I hope that the Department of Higher Education at UNT sees my potential, as I know that I can be an asset because of my natural student-first mentality.

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