Graduation Speech : Life After College Essay

Graduation Speech : Life After College Essay

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Life after college
Congratulations to the Class of 2010 getting ready to walk across the stage and receive their hard earned degree for the past years,but for majority of them they are leaving with debt. What a wonderful graduation gift and a lifetime reminder that you have to pay back money you borrowed in school. Faced with that situation is unsettling and has been happening more often in these past years. The problem is college students are unable to afford the cost to attend college. The government or bank gives out a large amount of money that is good now.Ultimately making you responsible to pay it back often with interest added. Making future students second guess making the decision to pursue their future.
A possible solution, to change this cycle in the downsides of higher education would be through scholarships/grants,lowering interest rates on loans,and the forgiveness plan. The key to gain money than staying frugal and thinking you will not even be able to finish just a year is applying for scholarships. Free money given to any upper or lower classmen all it takes is dedication the same amount of people who do that want to succeed in college. Also they know it can be expensive with a whole four years accumulated or longer depending on your major. With this solution it has a problem to be addressed.That there is free money that students can apply for,but the process can be difficult if the money is only given to one person.
As an example in Fastweb,College Green Dot, and even the universities scholarships. There is often in the description that one recipient will be awarded the money with over a thousand applicants. Making the change to at least having a hundred students awarded would make a difference for someo...

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...s who wish to pursue college some of the skills,similar assignments,and advice to start and adapt to different from high school standards.
This is a great opportunity for majority of graduates who desire to teach or work in an organization. More people should be notified of to not only settle for a have a job to get out of debt,but a career. It is giving back to communities of a higher education you were given to be taught to the next generation.
Attending college is a huge investment and leaves a huge impact on your life and in your pockets. The way to minimize this problem would be searching for the free money scholarships and grants nothing is better than free. The school is needed to improve the amount of money awarded and loans interest lowered to students,and the forgiveness program.

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