The Graduate Success Rate During The First Year Of A Military Veteran Student

The Graduate Success Rate During The First Year Of A Military Veteran Student

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Before or after completion of military obligations, military connected service members and veterans acquire exclusive opportunities to attend higher education programs of their choice. Research indicate the graduate success rate during the first year of a military veteran student as minimal with an excessively elevated dropout rate. There are a number of exceptional issues, which contribute to this particular population failing to complete attempted adult education programs. For the past decade, research on this particular subject have expanded on various theoretical frameworks and theories, such as the Schlossberg’s Transition Theory (Ackerman, DiRamio, & Garza Mitchell, 2009).

When responding to transition through active duty deployments, DiRamio and associates employed the “Moving In” period as follows: why sign up?, being “called up,” in addition to serving in other countries. The actual “Moving Through” period seemed to be tackled through tireless dialogue about combat duty, unforgettable incidents, in addition to receiving credit. The actual “Moving Out” period seemed to be identified as a result of dialogue focusing on transition programs, going home, in addition to preparing for education. Any time veterans transitioned to postsecondary education, DiRamio and his colleagues identified transition challenges as follows: “connecting with peers, merging within the environment, teachers, the campus veterans’ office, financial issues, disability support, in addition to psychological health” (DiRamio, Ackerman, & Garza-Mitchell, 2008).

Contrary to the many efforts of various researchers contributing to this area of concerns, postsecondary institutions continue to underestimate the demands for necessary reassessm...

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...ilitary culture is imperative to the students’ academic success (Connelly, 2012). Postsecondary institutions intellectually engaging critical thinking as a process to assess assumptions, beliefs and actions of military and veteran students facilitates responsible thinking and good judgment. My assumptions of this research is based on application of critical theory combined with the model of transformative learning and the Ethics of the person. I believe employing this from of theoretical framework, will provide higher education organizations and institutions with a foundation for analyzing social conditions, challenge universal beliefs, create dialogue, seek social change and eliminate oppression for their military connected and veteran students leading to a comprehensive successful experience for all engaged groups and individuals (Merriam & Bierema, 2014).

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