Essay Grade Inflation Is A Real Problem

Essay Grade Inflation Is A Real Problem

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Have you ever passed a class that you thought you were going to fail? This happens because of a huge thing called “grade inflation”. Grade inflation is when a teacher boosts a student’s grade. A student can get their grade boosted by participating during class, and acting like they’re trying in class by asking questions. I have personally experienced grade inflation. In one of my classes from high school, I believe the teacher graded on a curve. One day in this class he was updating everyone 's grades and he showed the grades (as he updated) on the smartboard. As he would change someone else’s grades I noticed my percent was actually rising. Someone in the class yelled “Hey my grade is rising” and he said “oh yea, watch again” and then he said how many people notice their grade go up. Everyone in the class had raised their hand. By him doing this I actually passed the class with an A-. Grade inflation is a real problem because all schools are inflating, and the students aren’t putting in work.
To begin with, schools have been inflating grades for centuries. Colleges have been boosting grades to make the school look better in many different ways. As an example, “A recent study of 200 colleges and universities found that more than 40 percent of all grades awarded were in the A range” (Slavov). Colleges raise the grades of every student to make the college look better on a national ranking. Colleges love omit to say that they are one of the best colleges to attend. Seeing a college with A ranting will make people want to apply to that college. Next, many schools give their students higher ranking grades then the grades they deserve. “A” grades are the number one grades given out in American schools. For instance, “Most recently, a...

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...ess engaged in doing it. They will write down whatever to make it look like they did actual work, but in reality it’s little to no work whatsoever. These grades just make the student happy, but will not help them in the long run. Students are just breezing through each and everyone of their classes with no care in the world.
In conclusion, Grade inflation is happening everywhere, all the time. Teachers will boost student grades to make the student get a better grade than what they deserve . Students aren’t learning anything by this happening. They will just sit back and relax will they get grade after grade. Colleges enjoy seeing all the students happy about their grades because its makes the college look good, and also makes the student feel good. Grade inflation is a real problem because all schools are inflating their grades , and students aren’t putting in work.

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