Government Regulation And Its Effects On The Economy Essay

Government Regulation And Its Effects On The Economy Essay

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statues tried to lengthen it by compulsion” ( Section 5 SFNWO ). Marx argued that capitalism withhold the economy and create a recession and collapse of the economy. Industrial and factory working class has to work and be dependent on their employers because they don’t own land and capital (10/16).
In summary, Durkheim theorizes social structure and collective society. Weber theorizes history and science development. Durkheim all society moving in a linear approach in contrast Waber rejected that linear approach. Durkheim traditional and social bond must be exist. In contrast, Weber no traditional and social bond in modern society. Everybody must pursue their individual interest. Also, Waber rejects any assumption that is not based on objectivity and scientific method. Durkheim bureaucracy, office based on tradition and family lineage. Durkheim mentioned that” Actually, religion has lost most of its power, and government, instead of regulating the economy life has become its tool and servant’ (suicide, 130). It means that government regulation is very important. In contrast Waber modern policy, democratic, free market and competition. On the other hand, Durkheim and Waber both agree that any conflict between labor and capitalist can be solved with negotiating and compromise. Marx capitalist exploits the workers and accumulate more money. Waber capitalism creates jobs, improving to protect employee, leisure time, expansion civil rights, practicality and wage raise. Marx upsets about economic and social classes. In contrast Waber has been multisided not just class. Marx focused on economy, not history. In contrast Waber interested ideas and history about how capitalism emerged. Marx ruling class has the prestige respect and nobili...

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...d, the many students have a lot of loan that is difficult to pay it off. Another key point is that American citizen are mostly equal and have more access in social resources. That was not exist a five or six decades ago. Young people are going to college and universities to learn different skills and professions. That may increase to enter labor market. First thing to remember is that personal choice of education, career or mate is different than in the past. Similarly, labor wage, health and well-being of workers or society consumer is much better than it was. So, the discipline of working hard has impact on and shape our thinking that person can start their own business by getting loan from banks and government institutions if you meet certain criteria. Also, transportation and accessibility is highly developed. Therefore, the global trade open more opportunities.

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