The Golden Mean And Selecting Virtuous Actions Essays

The Golden Mean And Selecting Virtuous Actions Essays

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For Aristotle the overall goal of life would be to attain happiness, that will arise from though and rational thinking. A key goal would be taking in the perspective of the golden mean and selecting virtuous actions. A virtuous action is considered to moral when has motivation behind it to do the right thing. For people with good character virtues is acquired over time by the repetition of proceeding in virtuous ways. Aristotle felt as though becoming a virtuous person was a matter of habit and could be learned over time. The more a person acts virtuously, the stronger the character trait will become. Looking into becoming a good nurse involves that the nurse should train a life of moderate choices based on those they believe that a ethically ideal role model would choose. Continuing to do so would create habits that will sooner lead to better chance of the right actions in a professional practice. A virtuous nurse would would be inclined to do the ethically correct thing rather than choosing to reason to a ethical solution by some procedure. As a virtue, a nurse caring may be considered a mean between extremes on a continuum of attention to feeling for others. One extreme, refusal and insensitivity versus the other over connection, understanding, and empathy. Patients may feel that the nurses are trust worthy, caring and have the patient’s best interest. The question is who has the right to make decisions about a patient’s health care and what ways are health care providers obligated to support a decision with which they may disagree. Aristotle said that the best choices are what is in the middle of two extremes (golden mean). Whoever acts on the middle grounded choice is to be considered virtuous. Now weather they would consi...

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...s came from choosing the higher pleasure and whatever minimized the amount of pain. Kant felt that the people should be treated as ends and not means, no one should be treated as an instrument. This is completely different from what Aristotle believed because Aristotle said that in order to obtain full happiness, man must life according to reason. John Stuart Mill believed that anything that brings about the most pleasure for the most amount of people was considered good, and therefore brought happiness. Mill says’ humans have dignity because they can determine things like why you would choose freedom of speech over a lollipop. Kant says all humans are valuable and priceless. They all have and should be treated with dignity not as a mere instrument. A person or even life shouldn’t be treated as a simple thing that can be put away through the hands of another person.

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