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Many people state that they do not believe in any kind of god, that the world simply came into existence. However, this belief cannot hold true. Simply by examining nature and all of its intricate details, people stand unable to deny the presence of a Creator. Deep down, people cannot help but to feel that something greater than themselves exists. A Supreme Being- a god, but what kind of god exists? A god similar to Ares, the war-god of the Greeks? One who lusts for blood and destruction? Or a placid god, one parallel to Eirene, the Greek goddess of peace? Fabricated by mankind, these so called “gods” all bear flaws. The Bible, the Word of the Lord, remains the only book on earth that gives an account of the true God and His attributes. Through examination of the Word, readers will come to the realization that a just God exists, that He sends trials to his followers to develop their faith, and that He remains sovereign.
Some argue that God allows the destruction of countries to occur out of hate towards mankind. This argument possesses some truth. However, God warrants the downfall of nations not because of His hate of people, but because of His intolerance towards their sinful actions. If God allowed nations to continue on in their iniquities without any kind of repercussions, then no one would fear Him. People would embrace sin and reject the Lord. God maintains His supremacy over man through punishment of the wicked. Nevertheless, God does not always destroy the unrighteous immediately and without warning. The Old Testament records a profuse amount of situations in which the Lord sends a messenger to admonish sinful nations and to alert them of the impending condemnation. Whether or not they accepted the warning and turned...

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...se man does not understand why something occurred does not mean that God did not possess full power over the happening.
Common misconceptions about God run rampant. Some believe He sins just as humans do. Others believe he craves the destruction of mankind. However, in reality, a righteous God exists, a Lord who tests His subjects' faith, a Ruler who controls all. People often contest that God holds no power over the earth. However, God's sovereignty remains evident in that countries fall when He decides to disestablish them. The fact that He disciplines the profane and prospers the deserving displays His uprightness. Though afflictions will come, people must persevere and continue to look towards God. Even though life appears hopeless at times, God remains all-powerful. His love for His followers remains everlasting. His control over the earth endures forever.

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