Essay on Globalization And Its Impact On The World Economy

Essay on Globalization And Its Impact On The World Economy

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Mâdâlina Mangra, Marieta Stanciu’s and Gabriel Mangra truly allow their honest analysis of globalization and thought process to be abundantly clear in their article, Globalization – A Contradictory but Offensive Process (Mangra & Stanciu p. 81). In just reading, the title readers are instantly aware of where the authors are going to be challenging their perspectives. Mangra and Stanciu state that, “globalization can be defined as the consolidation and expansion of the relations between the national economies on the goods, services and capitals’ global market” (Mangra & Stanciu p. 81). However, it is also an “undisputed reality” that globalization has and will continue to have “major implications over the system of relations in the world economy” and, possibly even,” over the destiny of every national component” (Mangra & Stanciu p. 81). Through analyzing globalization and internalization, the economic globalization and the impacts of globalization, Mangra and Stanciu reveal the severity of the effects of globalization (Mangra & Stanciu p. 81). The term, globalization’s “significations” seemingly “multiply by the day”, and are “used by various persons to describe thoroughly the dramatic changes in the world” (Mangra & Stanciu p. 81). At its “conceptual level, the globalization’s main objective is to serve the common goods of the humanity”, however many nations are lost in the process, because globalization often becomes a “process of denationalizing the markets, taken individually, in the service of common welfare” (Mangra & Stanciu p. 81).
Thus, “the globalization of economy is the result of an objective historical process of increasing the interdependencies between the national states as consequence of the accentuation wi...

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...a large number of people, from many countries” (Mangra & Stanciu p. 81). This ultimately leads to “the growth of conflicts and the endangering of the social cohesion” (Mangra & Stanciu p. 81). I do not how to fix this issue and I honestly do not know if it ever can be. This was a frustrating article to read but I realize how helpless we are to change it so that all are positively impacted. Globalization is a spinning wheel that is only gaining momentum. However, Jesus called us all to a light to world—the entire world. We cannot crush others nations for our own personal gain nor can we demand they catch up. That is not The Gospel. We must stop and help them and then grow together. Unfortunately, the world does not think or conduct business in such a way. It is so true, globalization can certainly be a “contradictory” and “offensive process” (Mangra & Stanciu p. 81).

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