Essay on Global Warming : Are Humans And Blame?

Essay on Global Warming : Are Humans And Blame?

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Global Warming: Are Humans to Blame?
Global Warming: Are Humans to Blame?

An English major with a minor in Meteorology, I have a huge passion in learning about the weather. I love doing research on all aspects of the weather, but one topic has remained controversial for years and that is the cause of global warming. I decided to do some research on the issue in hopes of coming up with some type of conclusion based on the facts that I am able to find. The question always arises as to whether humans are to blame for our current global warming. Do humans in fact pose a threat to the global warming crisis and are they to blame for the slow increase in temperature of the earths atmosphere? Before one can begin to argue the facts whether or not humans have an influence in the condition of our atmosphere, one must first learn exactly what global warming is.

To begin a discussion about what global warming entails, I must first explain the greenhouse effect. When solar radiation enters the earth’s atmosphere some of the energy is absorbed by the earth, while the rest is refracted back into space. During this process, when radiation emits from the surface back into the atmosphere, greenhouse gases such as water vapor, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Methane trap some of the radiating heat in our atmosphere and cause the surface of the earth to warm up. This is a natural process that has occurred on earth even before the existence of humans, and still naturally occurs today. Moreover, clouds, or large masses of water vapor, are natural absorbers and refractors of energy. Although they reflect more solar energy than they absorb, they still help to maintain a warm and tolerable planet for all living kind, thus clouds play a big part in the warmi...

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... warming, they do all persuade the idea that global warming has little to do with humans.

In doing my research I have provided you with many facts to support both sides of the theory. There is much evidence to support the idea that humans do in fact contribute to global warming. The rise of the industrial revolution has remained strong and is responsible for releasing tons of greenhouse gases into the air, however it is still questionable whether or not enough of these gases could change the climate of the earth. In looking at a theory it is important to research both sides of the equation. We must also remember that the earths natural capabilities are by far vast and sometimes unexplainable. There are many components that must be considered in the debate concerning global warming. Based on the facts presented, it is up to you to decide which theory you believe in.

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