Essay about Global Warming And Its Effects On The Global Climate

Essay about Global Warming And Its Effects On The Global Climate

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One of the major problems confronting today’s society is global warming. Everyone is talking about global warming, which is also known as “climate change” or “green is the new black”. However, like Mark Twain once said, “everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it” (1897 P. 8) According to global warming can be described as “an increase in the average temperature worldwide believed to be caused by greenhouse effect.” We are the most responsible for this situation because “…by burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil clearing forests, we have dramatically increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere and temperatures are rising.” – ( These gases have a long-term effect on the global climate. According to Jan Corfee-Morlot, Mark Maslin and Jacquelin Burgess “global warming was officially more than 100 years ago.” (2007, p. 2745). The United States Government has many environment policies and agencies such as The Environmental Protection (EPA) a U.S federal government agency proposed by President Richard Nixon in 1970, after President Nixon submitted a reform plan to congress and it was approved by committee hearings in the House and Senate. This agency is tasked with the responsibility of identifying environmental problem problems in our nation. However, with so much money spent by the government to deal with environmental problems this issue is not getting the appropriate attention that deserves. Global Warming is challenging us to do something about the way we are leaving and consuming. Nobody notices or pay attention to this issue. As another author explains, “It’s where we live, the size of our houses, the distance we drive for work, commerce...

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...dverse effects on the environment in years to come. Addressing this issue poses a serious challenge for policy makers. Global warming is one of the biggest daunting policy issues that we are facing in today’s society. And even though there are still people that do not believe in global warming and that it’s facing right now. There has been several evidence of its existence, such as overheated temperature, melting mountain glaciers, rise in sea levels and much more. We need to start making awareness of global warming worldwide. Global warming should not only be a political issue, it should also be an economic and ethical one. Responsible, effective climate change policy requires consideration of a number of complex factors, including weighing the costs of implementing climate change policies against the benefits of more environmentally sustainable practices.

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