Global Threat Reduction Initiative: Nuclear Weapons Essay

Global Threat Reduction Initiative: Nuclear Weapons Essay

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The United States is currently spending $35 Billion a year; which is 14% of the defense budget, or it is $96 million a day, because of the nuclear efforts of which about $25 million goes for operation and maintenance for the nuclear arsenal. The rest of the money is spent on cleanup, arms control verification, and ballistic missile research, which all of that, just adds to the cost greatly. President Obama revealed a budget that includes more than $220 million in cuts for nuclear security programs in the next fiscal year. One of the largest reductions is going to come to the International Material Protection and Cooperation program, and which it works to secure and eliminate the vulnerable nuclear weapons and materials. President Obama asked for $ 3.5 million or $114 million less than was appropriated in the 2014 budget. President Obama has also requested $108 million less than was appropriated last year for the Global Threat Reduction Initiative; this is a program that actually plays a key part in the “Energy Department’s effort at preventing terrorist from obtaining nuclear and radiological materials that could be used in weapons of mass destruction” (Silverberg). Should the U.S. Congress amend the D.O.D. Appropriations Act of 2015 to eliminate funding for nuclear weapons production?
With the proposed cuts, some nuclear security experts now question whether Obama, who made nuclear security a pet issue during his time in the Senate and launched the biennial Nuclear Security Summit process, remains committed to the issue. With having proposed cuts, some of the nuclear security experts are now questioning whether President Obama, who was the...

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...sarmament. The maintaining of our nuclear arsenal is too expensive we cannot keep spending money on nuclear weapons production. This takes a large disproportionate share out of the nation’s defense budget. There is not a country, currently that presents a nuclear threat to Britain. If the nuclear weapons are not in use what is the point of spending more money on these weapons that when we don’t need them. We are probably more likely to be attacked in low level warfare in which nuclear weapons are inapplicable. To accommodate a challenge of asymmetric warfare (Iraq, Afghanistan), we should spend more on accustomed forces and properly equip them. “Possession of nuclear weapons is an outmoded virility symbol. Countries like Germany, Spain, Canada and Australia do without them and have as much global influence as Britain” (Pros & Cons of Nuclear Deterrent).

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