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Products are turned into brands through advertising; in order for a product to be globally successful it has to be known worldwide. There are different ways products are distributed and consumed through advertising, which people interact with in different ways. Messages in adverts are not forced on to its audience but produce a text for its audience who decide what to do with it, whether that be interpret the messages or leave it as intended. Not only does advertising have an effect in every institution in our society but it promotes different cultures, somewhat bringing cultures together based on the images it portrays. “people find ad’s manipulative and powerful, but advertisers themselves find people are sceptical and unpredictable in their responses” this quote taking from ‘globalisation in advertising’ states how we as an audience perceive adverts depending on our status or way of thinking, an audience might perceive an innocent advert to be offensive or negative which advertisers do not intend to advertise however if intended could ruin brands and its advertisers. Advertisers are now not afraid to go beyond, advertising companies such as Saatchi& Saatchi and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide have proven to go beyond and to be a success on a global scale. “Theodore Levitt (1983) introduced the term globalisation to present a different view of multinational businesses. He argued that there would be a competitive advantage in some sectors in marketing the same product in the same way around the world”. Myers, 1999. P.58. An example of a great triumph that has given a complex meaning to its diverse audience, using its slogans is coca-cola which is a pioneer example of a global brand. Other examples of a global brand are McDonal...

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...t their representation is not accurate. Like I’ve mentioned advertising is specific type of social communications that impacts our symbolic world however the language and translation for global adverts could cause a backlash as consumers are not always passive readers.

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