Githum is the Famous Code Repository Site for Open Source Projects Essays

Githum is the Famous Code Repository Site for Open Source Projects Essays

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Github is a way for people to share open source code. It is a powerful and sophisticated repository web-system for developing software projects. It uses “Git revision control” system. It offers both paid plans for private repositories and free accounts for open source projects [1]. GitHub was the most popular and famous code repository site for the open source projects. GIT is developed by Linus Torvald. Before going in the core explanation of GitHub it’s better to describe the term “version control” system. It can be a designer or a person who works with code or the developer. They all have few multiple common tasks as:
• Writing the content
• Opening new files
• Corrections request of modification
• Saving the things again and again
Saving the things again and again is the main goal of the version control providing the information like when you did it? Why you did it? What were the contents which has been changed? It will open the view for any time in the future. In other words u can have a complete log of all the tasks been performed. It will not only show you the modified result of the changes been made but will also provide you the results of before and after so that you can choose between them, the best one. As long as a single person is working with all these changes it will be easy for him to manage. But the level of difficulty arises when there is a team work. As one member of the team make changes the other might not be aware of the changes been made. So he has to face some level of difficulty. For coming over this difficulty we need some more advancement of the version control system which can answer the questions like: Who changed it? Why changed it? When changed it? The full coordination should be provided to the wh...

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... changes.
• Tags – Stable, numbered version for release.
GitHub is always updated as all the users can easily access and save their works/changes and modifications at any time which is not similar to SVN. Updated information is very important as it will not only save your time but can also prevents the conflictions which may spoil the team spirit and hence the results. [6]
The key points to the development good software always depends upon few factors like its access speed, output results, navigations, layout, user’s requirements, and lastly it must be user friendly. When it comes to comparison between Github and SVN it is more obvious that Github is more useful and ideal as it is fast processor, good tracker which tracks every single atomic changes made to the system’s stored repository. Whereas, SVN is bit backward in these useful features.

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