Essay on The Gilded Age And The Great Depression

Essay on The Gilded Age And The Great Depression

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The three most important time frames since 1877 is the Gilded Age (1877-1896) where industrialization and urbanization bloom, leading up to the Great Depression
and the Great Depression (1927-1941), and the Cold War Era (1945-1991).
The Gilded Age saw the growth of big business through monopolies and corporations, the use of new technologies to increase mass production through the use of steel and utilize new sources of power such as steam, and the rapid growth of urban areas due to internal and external migration. Industrialization and urbanization are a consistent part of modern
America. Many of the immigrants will be working in industrial type jobs in urban areas; this started in this historic time period. The immigrants might have also had family come over during this time period in either the Old or New Immigration waves.
The 1930’s and the Great Depression are a pivotal section of American History. After World War I (1918), America wanted to forget the tragic battles fought in Europe, so they went into a state of euphoria, known as the Roaring Twenties. Nothing could go wrong. The 1920’s are famous for the people’s party attitudes. The U.S. tried to become isolationists again but was unsuccessful because of their financial ties to Europe. In Domestic Policy, the government raised tariffs, taxes put on importing goods, because raising taxes on those you are trying to get money from makes sense. For the farming community, the 1920s were hardly roaring. Many farmers were producing as much as they had during World War I. The profit margin of raising crops dropped because of drought while the cost was rising because of equipment, loans, and overproduction without enough rain. This resulted farmers to default on their l...

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... more than the music or the pop culture that seemed to define the time.
After taking this course I have learned that there is more to history that meets the eye and history deserves to be explored to its very core. World War II has always been my favorite time period to study, although I prefer the European side of the conflict over the Pacific conflict. World War II is a tragedy wrapped in tragedy wrapped in irony. There is tragedy in the war itself, then in the concentration camps and mistreatment of humans from the Natzis, the USSR, The Italians, and the Japanese. Then the irony that the USSR was on the Allied side and killed more humans in genocide that the dreaded Natizs. Ironically my least favorite time in history is World War I. World War I was completely avoidable and a waste of time and money, but without the Great War we would not have had World War II.

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