Essay about The Ghost of King Hamlet in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Essay about The Ghost of King Hamlet in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Throughout his years as an author, William Shakespeare wrote approximately thirty-seven plays. “Hamlet”, a play written by Shakespeare, follows a young prince of Denmark named Hamlet and his quest to redress his father’s death that occurred by the Hand of his Uncle and now step father and King Claudius. While dealing with this inward conflict of his own, he must deal with the imminent attack by the bordering Norway. William Shakespeare wrote his play “Hamlet” to assert that inner conflict portrays a causal relationship with outward conflict.
First, this linear relationship appears with the appearance of the Ghost. In Act one Scene five of “Hamlet”, The Ghost of King Hamlet appears. The inner purpose of the Ghost is that he asks Hamlet to “revenge his foul and most unnatural murder”(1.5.31). The Ghost of King Hamlet serves an important role to the progression of the play because he places the heavy burden in Hamlet’s head to avenge his father’s death, which exists throughout the play. Additionally, Horatio explains to Hamlet that” [The Ghost] beckons you to go away with [him]/… did desire to [talk to] you alone”(1.4.63-65). Evidently, The Ghost wants Hamlet’s complete attention as well as only his attention, no others. While the two collaborate alone, the Ghost of King Hamlet creates more doubt in Hamlet’s head about how his father died. By the Ghost of King Hamlet creating a hazy view of King Hamlet’s death, Hamlet further believes he must go on with avenging his father’s death by killing Claudius. This inward conflict not only ends up affecting Hamlet and Claudius but ultimately the country of Denmark as well.
Furthermore, while Hamlet attempts to avenge his father’s death internally, he must deal with the forthcoming exter...

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...ffirm the causative relationship between inward conflict and outward conflict. By Hamlet finally killing King Claudius, he actually solves both conflicts at once. Hamlet’s inward conflict solves itself as Hamlet finally extracts revenge upon King Claudius for the death of his father. The outward conflict between Denmark and Norway reaches a point of end when Fortinbras takes the Kingdom of Denmark under his wing once both the King and the next-in-line for the throne die by the hand of each other. In sum, Hamlet’s inward conflict exacerbates the problem with Denmark but, in the end, solves the problem with Norway and Fortinbras with one sip of poison from a goblet.

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