Revenge In Hamlet

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Many characters and people even with very few appearances or interactions with others can leave a lasting effect on someone or can impact the overall mood and message of a body of work. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, King Hamlet’s ghost or afterlife form makes a few appearances through the course of the tragedy but leaves a persisting effect that weighs heavily on the decisions and actions of Prince Hamlet that result in further deaths, adds depth and establishes the theme of revenge, and overall assists in the development of Prince Hamlet’s character as a person. King Hamlet 's ghosts brief appearances causes Prince Hamlet to act and make decisions according to what he has been instructed to do by the afterlife form of his father. In the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how characters and people can have a lasting effect on someone or affect the overall mood and message of the body of work. king hamlet's ghost or afterlife form in william shakespeare’s “hamlet” weighs heavily on his decisions and actions.
  • Analyzes how king hamlet's ghosts' brief appearances cause prince hamlets to act and make decisions according to what he has been instructed to do by the afterlife form of his father.
  • Analyzes how shakespeare uses the ghost of king hamlet as a representation and establisher of the theme of revenge.
  • Analyzes how shakespeare uses king hamlet's ghost to showcase his internal workings. the soliloquy makes him question the existence of man and realizes death is not the answer.
  • Analyzes how king hamlet's ghost appears a few times in the tragedy, and how it affects the actions of prince and prince hamlets. it is the first character to present the theme of revenge.

The theme of revenge is expanded and created by the ghost of King Hamlet because not only does he instruct others to seek revenge but he has such a powerful reach that characters, mainly Prince Hamlet, become driven by this want for revenge. Prince Hamlet shows his eagerness for revenge by saying that “Hast me to know’t, that I, with wings as swift / As meditation or the thoughts of love, / May sweep to my revenge” (34). As the text progresses the message or theme of revengeance fully surfaces when those who are driven by revenge, Laertes and Prince Hamlet, lure themselves to their own demise and this showcases the evil in chasing revenge. In addition, Shakespeare not only uses the theme of revenge but also uses the almost opposite theme of patience to show what mankind “should be and what not to be”. The following shows the outcome of Fortinbras’s patience, “I have some rights of memory in this kingdom, / Which now to claim my vantage doth invite me” (177). In Hamlet, Shakespeare uses the ghost of King Hamlet as a representation and establisher of the theme of revenge and by the end of the tragedy shows how the characters, Prince Hamlet and Laertes, who followed this path lead themselves to their deaths; however, Shakespeare uses Fortinbras to represent the theme of patience and how not seeking revenge or acting upon impulses, like Hamlet and Laertes, led him to the throne of Denmark. Moreover, even though the King Hamlet’s ghost appears in the text for a limited time he plays a significant role in the development of other

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