Getting Wet in the Wettest Place on Earth: Cherrapunjee Essay

Getting Wet in the Wettest Place on Earth: Cherrapunjee Essay

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Getting Wet in the wettest place on Earth; Cherrapunjee

“Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure.”
As another weekend of travel with Nids and Dris came to an end, I am reminded of these very lines from Emily Wing Smith.
Three days of trekking around the gorgeous hills and valleys of this village, drenched in the fury of the Cherrapunjee rain is an apt reminder to why this land is known as the wettest place on earth.
And had it not been for the good company my best friend, I would have not been able to experience the panoramic beauty of the deep gorges and roaring yet amazing waterfalls of Cherrapunjee.

The facts first
 To reach Cherrapunjee or Sohra as it is locally known, you need to first take a flight to Shillong, the capital of Meghalya, situated in the north-east part of India. A 90 minute drive after than through the scenic roads of Shillong is all you need to reach this part of world.
 For tourists, the best time to visit for all the outdoor and adventure activities would be in the winter season between the month of November and February.
 Standing 486,9 ft above sea level, it receives rains for eight months between March and October with 50% of it pouring in June and July. November to February it is completely dry.
 In Between 1973-2012 (40 years), the average rainfall at Cherrapunjee stood at 11,859.4mm or 39.90 feet or 466.90 inches. That’s close to 4 story tall building

The fun part
Our heart was set to travel in the month of June to witness and experience the rain gods at their best. However, detractors advised us against it and wanted us to travel during the winters like everyone else.
For anyone like them, we have only a few words to say.
“What fun is to visit the ...

... middle of paper ...

... hold up to 50 people at the same time and can grow up to 30 meters long.
You should also visit the Double-Decker Root Bridge in Umshiang which is

What to buy
 Cane and Bamboo handicrafts are a must buy from Cherrapunjee.
 During the orange season, you will not only find the sweetest oranges you have ever had in your life but you can also pack in bottles of the famed orange honey.
 Another must buy is the famed Meghalaya tea
 Spices like cinnamon, pepper are also available in plenty if you find your calling in food as well.
What to Eat
The local cuisine of any place on this planet should be experienced. So devour down the pork and rice along with famed Sohra Pulao (vegetable rice).
What you must do
TREK!! TREK!! TREK!! And Trek away!!
So don’t wait and visit this tiny hamlet for that heavenly walk with the clouds and to get WET like you should!

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