Essay on Geroge Eliot: A Look Into the Victorian Era

Essay on Geroge Eliot: A Look Into the Victorian Era

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Mary Ann Evans was a woman who lived controversial and unconventional life. Many of her choices in her life have shocked many people. She eventually earned the deserved credit of an accomplished author. Her works stand on their own, and where not overshadowed by her personnel life decisions. She was known as one of the best Victorian writers, she deals with issues of social change and triumphs of the heart. Her remarkable talent that shows is the depth and scope of English life. Many of her novels today are included in the Cannon of Classic Nineteenth Century Literary Works. Mary Ann Evans has changed her name so she would be taken seriously as a writer. Silas Marner was based on a childhood memory of a linen-weaver. This novel was a rustic novel, which shows the contrast between the evils of modern society and the value of a simple life close to nature. Silas Marner is a linen-weaver who lives in a remote village. The people of the town would make fun of him. Silas had been falsely accused of stealing. Silas starts caring more about his gold from his weaving than about God and society. Silas was robbed of all his gold. Molly Farren is walking in the snow and collapses and dies. Her daughter wanders to Silas cottage. Silas thinks that the girl is his dead sister who has come back to life. Marner takes in the orphan girl and named her Eppie after his dead sister. Eppie becomes more precious that the stolen gold. The villagers are content to hear that Silas adopts the girl. Silas is forgiven since he is doing something good. Silas Marner does not wish to separate from Eppie when she is tried to be adopted by Godfrey Cass who is her real father who was secretly married to Molly. After her death he married Nancy...

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