Genetically Foods Or Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

Genetically Foods Or Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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Genetically engineered foods or GMOs (genetically modified organisms) crops that are altered through a procedure called recombinant DNA to give a plant a desired trait. These GMOs might offer benefits from an economic stand point but some are concerned of potential long-term health risks. These GMOs are not required to be labeled on foods which further exacerbates the problem for those who are concerned about GMOs as well as those who celebrate them. With limited resources, humans will have to rely on GMOs to sustain a growing population, so GMOs should be celebrated. A worthy reason that GMOs should be labeled is to ease the public’s concerns, but should also have the company which makes them should be labeled as well so that we can support those companies with the public’s best interest in mind.
GMOs are created for altering genes in the plants to gain particular traits. The most common trait currently being used in crops such as corn and cotton is Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) which makes a protein that is toxic to many insect pests. StarLink is a type of “Bt” corn which was inadvertently made it into the food supply which triggered the recall of corn-based foodstuffs such as taco shells and tortillas from super markets. Most strains also contain a gene for a related protein called CryIA but instead StarLink used Cry9C which researchers thought might slow down the chances of pest resistance to Bt corn. The StarLink researchers were required to form tests in order to get the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval. They found that it wasn’t poisonous to rodents, and its biochemical structure is not similar to those of most chemicals in food that commonly cause allergic reactions in humans (called allergens). The researchers...

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...f reasons, mostly to protect the health of consumers by allowing the consumer to make a conscious decision of the products they are buying. Besides preventing the ingestion of allergens, allowing the consumer to support GMO companies which have their best interest in mind will give them the power to vote on what they believe is best with their wallets. This will prevent companies from doing unethical business and creating dangerous products while allowing the better companies to progress. Creating an environment for good GMO business models is important because pros of GMOs outweigh the cons. The cons are mostly predictions of long-term use of products produced by highly unregulated GMO companies, and the pros are more than just economic gain. There needs to be more regulation to benefit the consumers while keeping the producers in check to better society as a whole.

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