Essay about Genetic Engineering, New Medicines And Bioelectronics People

Essay about Genetic Engineering, New Medicines And Bioelectronics People

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1. Michael Bess in the excerpt from Our Grandchildren Redesigned asserts his idea that through innovations like genetic engineering, new medicines and bioelectronics people will improve their control over emotions, live longer healthier lives, and they will raise our abilities in both thought and action. This brings increased benefits such as blind people being able to see again with genetic altering or hearing aid transplants that allow deaf people to hear for the first time. It can also allow for humans have a higher learning capabilities through medicines that increase focus or by the use of technological implants. People with debilitating genetic diseases may also be able to live their lives in a better and healthier state through genetic engineering, or genetic engineering of the original fetus. Bess also brings in the idea that with all these magnificent solutions cause by massive innovation there is also a risk. Some dangers people face include a larger more distinguished class divide caused by the poor not being able to afford these innovations which causes them to fall behind the rich. This especially matters with the educational enhancements that increase brain capacity and medical enhancements that help prevent genetic diseases and physical imperfections as opposed to the cosmetic uses of these new technologies. Also a longer life span will surely arise from genetic engineering and body modification. With a rapidly rising population due to less deaths and more births and toll will be taken on our planet and its resources along with the job market and economy. There will no longer be as high of a demand for jobs because people who have them will last longer in them, but people will still need jobs. This will increase t...

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...ave of physical differences in children. This will only grow with each generation. It is obvious now that we like to wear our wealth. We wear name brands like Nike or Polo because it makes us feel as good as others. If people can pick their babies genetics they will do the same thing. They would make their baby as physically appealing as possible. Their children will wear their wealth and poorer children or middle class children will look les wealthier once again causing class divide and maybe a new form of segregation. Children who have the ability to get drugs for attention enhancement and transplants will go further in the education system. They will make it to college and graduate school while poorer children will not be able to keep up with the new standards set by them furthering the divide. This will lead to political leaders being distinctly wealthy as well.

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