Essay on The Generation Of The Technology

Essay on The Generation Of The Technology

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A Misunderstood Generation
The generation of the technology, the delayed life choices, the impatience, the reliance on our parents, more commonly known as Generation Y or Millennials, is the generation born between 1980 and 2000. Older generations are always finding fault with what we, the Millennials, do or say or didn’t do or didn’t say. The world is changing so fast, we can hardly keep up. It is bad enough we have to push to learn as much as we can and apply the knowledge effectively, let alone being criticized for every move we make by our elders, who don’t really seem to help matters but complicate them.
There are several labels, mostly negative, assigned to my generation. Some common terms include incompetent, ghetto, lazy, apathetic, tech-savvy, procrastinators, and lacking potential in the world. In some ways these aim to be true, but in other ways they are far from the truth. I believe that my generation has more potential than we are given credit for. We are about to graduate, or have recently graduated high school or college, with some not even 18 years old yet. What has always baffled me is that we are expected by adults to know what we want to do for the rest of our lives before we’re even legal adults. Yes, colleges have undecided majors, but what happens after college when some people still don’t know exactly what they enjoy? Because of this, we are criticized for not having our lives together and “delaying life choices that traditionally signaled adulthood” (Evans, pg. 198) as discussed in “Boomerang Kids: What Are the Causes of Generation Y’s Growing Pains?” by Rosie Evans. The article explores and reflects on the Millennials with points of view from various sources about the issue. However, some of those points...

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...ure, adult-like decisions if their brains can’t fully grasp what it needs to yet? It is appalling that we are labeled as procrastinators and incompetent because we just aren’t ready. We are attacked so often for this when it seems the older generations don’t understand that times are changing. Technology is soaring, driving new ideas and ways of doing difficult or near impossible tasks. Research is being done, discovering brand new things that can help us as humans figure out how to live without killing the planet we live on. Fascinating things are happening and times are changing, for better or for worse. Maybe we aren’t doing everything wrong like we are thought to be doing, but instead doing what is right—changing how things are done, for what is best for us. Yet, what do we know since we are just lazy bums on our phones all day long with a pointless education?

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