The Millennial Generation: A Sense Of Entitlement

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It is a dominant stereotype that the Millennial Generation possesses a great sense of entitlement. When one is entitled, they feel as if they should be more privileged and seem to behave as if they are more deserving than others. Most readers are in agreeance with those who argue that Generation Y, otherwise referred to as the Millennial generation, is an entitled group of people, but not everyone is in agreeance with who is responsible for the sense of entitlement that these Millennials possess. It is not very often that a common ground is not established when on the combined subjects of Millennials and entitlement. Some believe that the blame for entitled Millennials should be placed on Millennials themselves while others believe that the blame should be placed on society and those surrounding Millennials. A stereotypical Millennial…show more content…
In the article "Hunting for Hope in Modern America," Jeffrey Bosworth says "you're screwed" to provide a negative view on the world and presents that things are becoming easier to do, rather than Millennials having to truly work for what they are getting. In this article, Bosworth implies that Millennials' sense of entitlement is their own fault due to the fact that many make excuses and just barely do enough to get themselves by. Similarly, in the article "Preparing Students for the New Reality," Donald S. Miller and Thomas E. Slocombe explain the extent of entitlement of Millennials by referring to them as "Generation Me." They reveal that "...many students are unconcerned [and] feel their qualifications are above average." At the same time that Miller and Slocombe are presenting that Millennials are entitled due to their idealistic expectations, Bosworth is displaying his same belief by showing different reasoning in how Millennials are coming up with excuses, proving their
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