Essay about Genealogy : An Important Facet Of Progression

Essay about Genealogy : An Important Facet Of Progression

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Madison Goad
Genealogy Reflection
Research is an important facet of progression in society, it allows a person to learn, grow and better educate a community. All studies have been beneficial, however, sociology has granted people the capability to examine groups of people, including their own ancestors, in order to gain a greater understanding of the world around them. Genealogy can be considered an especially interesting study as one can use sociology to interpret how their familial connections have shaped them; the social interactionist perspective is notably effective when combining the two studies. In this research project, I had the opportunity to study my ancestral lines as far back as the early 1600s, giving me a greater understanding of my ethnic background as well as the chance to learn about some notable people in my family.
My paternal family tree dates back eleven generations to the 1600s. In 1635, Richard (Goode) Goad emigrated from Furness, England, along with many others upon the ship, Elizabeth and Ann, settling in Lancaster Co., Virginia with his wife, Pheobe Hewes. Together, the two parented several children, though, the most interesting fact is that the youngest son was executed in 1674 for a capital crime. No information could be found about his son John, however, the will of his grandson Abraham mentions the passing of his land to his children and his “Negro woman” to his wife; therefore, it can be assumed that the family had at least some money. The family stayed within the confines of the state of Virginia until 1808, when Stephen A. Goad moved to Tennessee, however, his family moved to Warrick Co., Indiana around the 30s after his death. Leading up to my paternal grandfather, there was nothi...

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...ood trues. By using the paradigm as a frame of reference, it allows a person to comprehend the idea that their existence is often due to a such a simple pattern. My paternal and maternal lineage produced successful individuals, individuals that were likely shaped by the fortune of their parents, therefore allowing them the capability to be successful themselves. Although I am not whole-heartedly following the traditions of my family, such as practicing religion, etc, I plan on following the determined mindset that they have created. This project opened my eyes as it allowed me to understand that my accomplishments are not my own, but rather the product of a long line of triumphant persons. This new knowledge has strengthened my desire to carry on the line of prosperity, so that my successors may have all the resources they need in order to be accomplished peoples.

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