Gendered Power Relations Among Women : A Study Of Household Decision Making

Gendered Power Relations Among Women : A Study Of Household Decision Making

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In Mignon R. Moore’s article’ “Gendered power relations among women: A study of household decision making in Black, lesbian stepfamilies.”, Moore explained how she performed a study of gender power in New York. With very few connection of lesbian community at the beginning, Moore started her research from building her social network. While building her network by attending social events, “She used participant-observation methods at social events that attracted gay women of color for mail-in survey” (Moore, 341). Then, Moore mailed surveys to her contacts. “I mailed 131 surveys and 100 was returned.” Meanwhile, Moore used focus group method to study household decision making. Then, she used in-depth interview method. “These interviews last from 45 minutes to 2 hours. A team of black female researchers including myself and four graduate assistants, interviewed partners separately” (Moore, 342). Finally, Moore used comparative analysis and quantitative analysis to analyze the data collected from observations, surveys and interviews. Moore used descriptive statistic to compare black lesbians living in step families and the whole sample group. She also used quantitative analysis by calculating the percentage of division of labor and average hours of labor in black lesbian step families.
According to the analysis, Moore drew three pretty sound conclusions. First, economic independence had a negative relationship with household labor. Second, status of being mother helped raise status in lesbian stepfamilies. Third, gender representation influenced types of household task performed. Her data was collected over approximately three years and subjects were chosen randomly from lesbian community in New York City. The age of respondents...

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...n high schools. Actually, boys took fag as a synonym of incompetence in terms of masculinity and they wanted to show their masculinity through sexualized. Moreover, gender is the cause of certain stereotype in educational institutions, such as the believe that boys and girls are different in the process of learning which has contributed to the popularity of single-sex education. Moreover, stereotypes are very popular in educational institutions that boys are better at sports and girls are better at arts. In fact, in high schools, if a boy cares much about arts and fashion, he is very likely to be regarded as a gay and experience homophobic insults.
In conclusion, both race and gender have contributed to inequalities among educational institutions, but race as a perplexing paradox has also contributed to college cultural life and multicultural development of schools.

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